Careful, conscious selection.

Our products are safe for all. By extracting CBD oil from the cannabis plant, we eliminate the “high” caused by THC, without sacrificing any known benefits. No less, we understand the risk of products such as ours influencing children and teens who lack the maturity to identify the difference between our all-natural organic blends and products that may contain nicotine or other toxins. For that reason, we promise to restrict our sales to only serve customers who are 18 years of age or older.

Leading through transparency.

We understand that many consumers are hungry for new information. After learning of the many benefits discovered through modern-day cannabis research, people become enthralled in the need for understanding. We remain dedicated to communicating the most recent research and studies, providing you an uninhibited glimpse into the safety and benefits of CBD extracts and organic essential oils.

The end to prohibition treats you, the consumer, to the limitless breakthroughs that can come from advanced research performed within a regulated market. Ora strives to maintain total transparency when it comes to specifics such as sourcing, composition, and production. It is our hope that consumers are comforted by understanding that they are protected by laws and federal departments tasked solely with maintaining the safety of our, and similar, products.

Safe Sourcing

Legalization has benefited society on various levels, many of which extend far beyond the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. In the greatest regard, our work provides consumers with a safe, risk-free option that eliminates the risk of doing business with illicit crime syndicates. Our ingredients are sustainably sourced from partners who not only share, but uphold, our values. The cannabis industry has inspired a cultural shift that has reduced the number of illegal arrests and increased the quality in consumer purchase options.

Simplicity is key

Safety should always be simple; it is one of the few areas in life that is merely black and white. Ora makes every stage of this process simple, from consumption to education.

1. Our studies are straightforward.
2. Our ingredients are pure.
3. Our pens are easy to use.
4. The benefits are simple.

We have reconstructed a practice that, in its origin, may have been too complicated for some to grasp. Rather than distract you with semantics, we make it clear that we are experts in our industry by providing you with superior products crafted with incredible attention to detail.


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